With the 2020 MXGP calendar released it releases a whole different energy around the sport. Instead of excitement, enthusiasm and messaging mates on planning a trip somewhere scheduled somewhere. The bitter taste is swarming with the question “why there?”

Now I won’t go into why they go to these places or speculate on how much the governing bodies pay MXGP to run an event, instead I’m going to share a few circuits worthy of a Grand Prix.

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Situated in Switzerland the stunning hilly atmosphere ran many historical events in the past. From the George Jobe & Kurt Nicoll rivalry in 1992, the Motocross des Nations 1994 won by Great Britain, to Jamie Dobb winning in 2001 & Kurt Nicoll beating both his KTM riders as the KTM team manager to a wildcard rider. It’s one of the greatest circuits to ever embrace the planet.

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Belgium, every motorsport has a iconic circuit that they visit each year. Namur is the Monaco of Motocross. Whatever the dangers, bikes can be made slower so slow them down! But please, keep the sport alive! There are more memories here than all the tracks on the planet put together!

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Spain. The heart of motorsport, MotoGP, F1, Football. These guys are passionate, die hard fans. Weather is mostly sunny all year round and the Talavera circuit has hosted many GP's - even during the modern era! Natural track, loved by riders and spectators.

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England, countryside sand with one of the longest hills of any Motocross circuit. Used through nearly every era of GP racing with a countless amount of legends that have ridden it. I could add Foxhill to this list also..

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I believe manufacturers need a home GP. MotoGP run at Honda's Home track Motegi each year which brings out all the massive Japanese manufacture bosses. Japanese wildcard entries and one off special factory machines is thoroughly missed in Grand Prix racing. Everybody remembers or has heard of the RC500 & YZM500 machines throughout the 80's. Sugo in Japan would be fantastic.

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Unadilla, the roughest, toughest circuit on the AMA Outdoor calendar. Facilities are guaranteed to be better than we can imagine. Used for USGP's for many years. Fly the circus there, put some pegs around, don’t cut the ground just let it get rough as it used to! Separate the men from the boys.

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USA again, this time arguably the most picturesque circuit during the AMA schedule. Some of the greatest battles have occurred here (Brian Swink vs Jeff Emig 1992 is a fine example) The US sell more bikes just in California alone than the whole of Europe put together! They should have 2 rounds that may attract wildcard riders. Plus everybody loves a AMA vs GP riders battle.

Photo Courtesy Martin Horský


Slovakia. Hosted the 1995 des Nations, massive hills, off cambers and great for spectators. I cant see anybody complaining about this track.

Photo Courtesy Haggis Hartman

Desert Martin

Based in Ireland, Desert Martin is a sandy red soil circuit. Mostly remembered from the incredible win by Josh Coppins beating Stefan Everts, stopping the 10 time World Champion winning every overall that seasom in 2006. Absolutely stunning circuit! Riders want jumps? They got them! Natural terrain? Sure!

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New Zealand. One of the most beautiful country's on the planet! Not just breathtaking scenery, but circuits and facilities above everything i've ever seen! Loamy soil, natural layout, spectacular scenery. Based near Auckland this circuit is bucketlist material and a place the GP's desperately need.

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Austria. Another beautiful location. The circuit has history from GP racing from the 70's. The des Nations in 1993 and a big pool of talent coming through in the future. Off cambers, hills, grass - sections riders may have never heard of.. technical sections make for great racing.

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Whispering Pines

Canada. Travelling and racing the world, how is there not a Canadian round? All of us at one point during our lives watched the Canadian Motocross Championship on tv. Very fast guys there could make for interesting racing and giving them an opportunity to race GP's.

This is just a small list of circuits but could you imagine if a series ran an event at all of these tracks? Could it encourage the fans that no longer follow the sport to return? Who knows.. but i know what i would prefer to see on the GP calendar.