C3 Spinal Merchandise

Since my spinal cord injury my mindset has completely changed. I’ve wanted to give more and help others. I had no idea where to start, especially with restrictions in all 4 limbs.

All I've ever done is manual labor. I went straight into working on building sites when I left school, then went onto being a greenskeeper at a Golf Club. I had no knowledge of much else. So I have had to train and educate what hasn’t been 'too badly damaged'.. my brain. I had gone to college and learnt graphic design, web design and taught myself how to create games and upload them onto the iOS App Store. Learnt about social media marketing and created the biggest following Vintage Motocross page with my buddy Chuck Davies called ‘90s Motocross’. We’ve nearly reached 200,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram. Both Chuck and i also created a forum specifically for motorcycle restorers called Motobuilds (.com).

But what can I do for a good cause?

Scanning the internet like I was possessed, I realised there was a way to create a clothing brand without having to run around and carry any stock at home. So I learnt how to link a drop shipping company to Shopify. Which encouraged an idea in my head.. a clothing brand in which a percentage of the proceeds go to charity! Why make the weathy wealthier, when we could all help each other!

Having a spinal cord injury, I’d love to help towards finding a cure to fix it some day. I also adore animals, and have family/friends who have suffered cancer and other devastating related diseases. So my aim is to create more designs/collections and sell the merchandise to help those in need.

But why the name C3 Spinal? Well, my level of injury is C3 and C4. I thought about calling it C3C4 but it was hard to create a simplistic logo with all those characters.

Another thing I noticed was how hard it is to know if there’s any sporting events in which disabled people compete in. This goes back to when I was searching for a sport I could take part in. Are there club level events that doesn't just throw you into the deep end? I hate to lose and enjoy progression so finishing last all the time would be my worst nightmare.

It seems the only answer people have is “the Paralympics?” Which isn’t the only sporting event(s) that goes on. So I’d like to include an events page to the website and social media page with links to clubs and events around the United Kingdom.

If it can help increase the number of disabled people to compete in sport, the better.

I'm also interested in creating and selling accessories that can help disabled people. From parts on wheelchairs to devices that help get round those difficult situations with restricted movement.

It’s still early but I hope it can grow and all be for a great cause. Fingers crossed I receive everybody's support and this can be great for everybody!