Things I Hate In 2020

We all have a passion for the sport of Motocross, we take great pride in our bikes. We treat them with more respect than we treat each other. We even clean them and treat them with respect than ourselves.

But, there are some things I hate seeing on bikes scattered all over social media.. 

*WARNING this contains a lot of swearing, ranting & truth*


These are all just my opinion. If you take offence, then… sort it out.

Let’s start off with the following;

Anodised Spoke nipples. They are like a boy racers car billet dust caps. It’s what becomes a child’s first crime when they go around stealing people’s shitty dust caps. Keep them clear anodised and don’t waste your time on something that looks appalling. 

Colourful parts such as; 

Mud flaps

Chain guide rubbers

Outer clutch cover 

Brake/clutch levers 

Miscellaneous Bolts

Carburettor/vent hoses

You even see these on the Factory bikes these days, and quite honestly, i am disappointed.

The swing arm covers.. it’s basically what pimps do to their vehicles. It’s 1 step away from a furry seat cover and an episode of fake taxi. You are closer to appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show than anybody else in your circle of friends.


Powder coated rims. WHY? 

Anodise the bloody things! They’ll chip the second you get on a hard pack circuit and they’ll look rougher than a blind cobblers thumb.

Powder coating is only acceptable for the frame. And a STEEL frame! They looked cool back in 2006 when James Stewart raced Las Vegas Supercross. Because at the time, it was different. And Bubba was like a God. But now, on rapid rodneys bike they are monstrosity.

Spoke wraps. I find it hard not to sign a petition to make guns laws legal in the UK when I see these. You’d have to be an absolute imbecile to think these look good. If you have a partner (cant imagine that for a second) in your life whilst having spoke wraps on your bike, marry them. Honestly. They’d have to be the most mentally strong person on the planet who would walk to the moon for you just to fetch a packet of crisps. They are the #1 worst thing you can stick on a bike. 


Cerakote. A ceramic based finish used on firearms that people now use on motorcycle parts. In fact, I had a set of clutch casings to replicate Factory Kawasaki magnesium ones just so the bike could be ridden. You’d have to be insane to ride with Vintage Factory parts on. I even got the outer clutch cover & ignition cover sand blasted rough beforehand to give it that extra mag’ look. So this is fine for casings to replicate magnesium to ride with. However, there are now people literally cerakoting everything in sight. I’m pretty sure we’ll soon see their pets cerakoted soon.  

Energy drink logos on vintage bikes. I often see these and I just don’t like modernising ‘better times’. You wouldn’t have Crusty Demons of Dirt with modern rap music would you? So dont do it! I’m not even going to find an image of one, they offend the glory days so much.

I can rant on for days, but take this as a life lesson. Continue to build and restore bikes, but keep them classy.

If you happen to know anybody who thinks what i’ve mentioned above as ‘cool’ and ‘acceptable’. Then unfriend, block, disown and have nothing to do with them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. 


Copyright © Pat Stott

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