The Best Builds?

Build a bike! That’s how I’m going to being this small blog based on some of the most incredible restorations and Motocross bike builds around the planet.

I’ve been surrounded by motorcycles my entire life. So seeing people bringing bikes back from the dead, is a soft spot. It’s like art or poetry to some people, beautiful when finished.

A project filled with childhood nostalgia that brings out that inside child again.

There are 3 kinds of bike builders;

Factory Builds – the title says it all. Some of the rarest of parts, and bikes in existence. You could argue they aren’t genuine because the pro rider they are based on, wasn’t ridden by them. But these were built to admire, not ride. Pure Museum pieces.

Non Factory – replicas of privateer teams or with a twist. Don’t be fooled though, some of the parts on these bikes no longer exist. So there are some very rare pieces on these bikes.

OEM – how these bikes looked straight out of the production line. Again, Some parts are extremely rare to find, so never think this is a ‘easy route’. There are some incredibly over obsessed anoraks out there who want these bikes to be 100% perfect.

The process of becoming a bike builder is intriguing. You can set yourself a budget, tell yourself “I’ll just get the casings blasted, new piston and ring, fresh plastics, graphics”. But it becomes much more, and a beautiful ‘drug

The moment you get your hands on a rare part, a spark appears and the flame grows wanting more, and the spending habit gets out of control!

Is it worth it? Absolutely! The rarer the parts, the better the feeling

Of course some people price stuff at a ridiculous number. And you have to be strong enough to walk away and find another. Which sounds easier said than done. But another always appears eventually.

Another thing is you become an obsessive anorak. I can no longer look at replica or oem machines that have an incorrect bolt, let alone exhaust – an example is building a Pro Circuit bike, and running a FMF exhaust system. Nothing against FMF, fantastic company. But what the fuck are you doing putting the wrong pipe on!? Build an FMF Honda if you want to run them, or a team that ran those pipes.

Okay, that’s enough of my slight rant.. back to the best builds.

2 thoughts

  1. Nice job Pat
    the way you presented the builds is a much cleaner and easier to get a taste for some of the builds rather than searching forums trying to get lucky to see some of these bikes that aren’t on the 1st or 2nd page of a forum

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