The Best Builds?

Ben Mason 1997 Kevin Windham inspired YZ125

Good friend of mine, literally had a few months to completely restore the entire bike ready for the 2019 UK Evo series. It’s not factory by any means, well, except maybe that spectacular Messico pipe with the gold brazing welds, and fat factory spec expansion pipe. Messico can make these for any bike today!

The factory Yamaha team in America originally ran Pro Circuit, but using such a rare pipe on track would be a crime. It doesn’t have any ridiculous coloured rims, stupid spoke wraps or random colours in areas. It’s how a clean example should look on track.

It’s a miracle he had this thing ready for round 1. If you are from a warm, dry country like America or Australia, you wouldn’t go near what the restorers in the UK have to start off with. The corrosion and rust is everywhere! That’s why I had to include this bike on this list.

You can see Ben racing onboard HERE

2 thoughts

  1. Nice job Pat
    the way you presented the builds is a much cleaner and easier to get a taste for some of the builds rather than searching forums trying to get lucky to see some of these bikes that aren’t on the 1st or 2nd page of a forum

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