The Best Builds?

Bryan Borny 2001 RC250 Ricky Carmichael Namur MXdN Replica

The big ‘what if’ when we think about this bike. Such a shame we never got to see team USA race at Namur.

The cool thing about this build though, is Bryan drove all the way to Matterley for the MXON 2017 from Belgium, just for Ricky to see it and sign it! That’s pretty epic. Hopefully he gets to see it again when it’s finished.

Since then, the entire bikes nearly at full Factory HRC spec. It’s going to be another incredible build we’ll be seeing, and no doubt people will be saying it’s the original on social media..

2 thoughts

  1. Nice job Pat
    the way you presented the builds is a much cleaner and easier to get a taste for some of the builds rather than searching forums trying to get lucky to see some of these bikes that aren’t on the 1st or 2nd page of a forum

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