What If?

I was watching some old footage on YouTube and it got me thinking a lot about the ‘What If’s’ based on what couldn’t happened in Motocross in recent years.

Obviously I could make a life long list including things from the 80s, 70’s and so on.. but, here’s a short list that may get you thinking!

What if..

(Photo Courtesy Richard DeLibertis)

Sebastien Tortelli never went to America and raced AMA Supercross? Or just did the Outdoor Nationals?

Stefan Everts decoded to remain in America during 1992 whilst competing in the Supercross?

Travis Pastrana never did Freestyle Motocross?

Paul Malin wasn’t injured in 1997?

Greg Albertyn remained in GPs?

(Photo Courtesy Adam Campbell)

Marnicq Bervoets won the 1996 250 title?

Mickael Pichon didn’t dislocate his shoulder at Grobbendonk in 2000?

Doug Henry didn’t get hurt in 1995 or didn’t race a 4 stroke in 1997?

2001 were 2 races instead of the dreadful 1 race formal?

Grant Langston didn’t go to America in 2001?

RIck Johnson raced 500GPs & didn’t injure his wrist? Would the 500s be the ‘main’ class like it was?

RIcky Carmichael didn’t train with Aldon Baker?

Pit Beirer didn’t get injured?

(Photo Courtesy Mitch Friedman)

Jean Michel Bayle didn’t go to Grand Prix racing (motogp)?

Mike Kiedrowski didn’t retire?

Team USA raced Namur at the 2001 MXdN?

Grant Langston went to Pro Circui?

David Bailey never got injured?

Mike Brown stayed in GPs?

Alessio Chiodi didn’t get injured?

(Photo Courtesy MXA)

Jeremy McGrath stayed with Honda?

Jeff Emig raced a Honda?

Mike LaRocco got great starts?

Damon Bradshaw won the 1992 Supercross?

Mickael Pichon never left America?

What if Stefan Everts entered all 3 classes in 2003? & raced every round? Think back to what happened at Ernee that year..

(Photo Courtesy Richard DeLibertis)

Ernesto Fonseca never got injured?

500 class never stopped (Both AMA & GPs)?

No 450s in 2005 AMA Outdoor Series?

James Stewart didn’t get hurt at all?

Ricky Carmichael raced the 2004 Supercross?

Stefan Everts never went to Husqvarna?

Mike Healey was #1 rider at Suzuki or won the 1991 title on KTM?

(Photo Courtesy Ray Mayes)

Dave Thorpe stayed at Honda in 1990?

David Vuillemin stayed in Europe?

Brian Swink raced a Honda?

Joel Smets Husaberg didn’t die regularly in 1999?

Donny Schmit didn’t pass away?

(Photo Courtesy Ray Mayes)

Bob Moore didn’t retire?

Trampas Parker’s KTM wasn’t terrible in 1995?

Josh Coppins didn’t get injured?

Kurt Nicoll finished the race at Hawkstone Park?

Kevin Windham went GPs?

Rob Herring didn’t get injured?

David Pingree won the West Coast Supercross title in 2000?

Casey Johnson won the West Coast Supercross title in 1999?

Jimmy Button stayed in Europe? Or get injured?

(Photo Courtesy Martyn Petts)

Carl Nunn didn’t get injured?

Gordon Crockard didn’t get injured?

Jason Lawrence was 100% focussed?

Broc Hepler didn’t get injured?

Mike Alessi raced for Honda or Pro Circuit instead of his first pro season on KTM?

(Photo Courtesy Richard DeLibertis)

Stephane Roncada returned to Europe?

Yves Demaria didn’t get injured?

Akira Narita won High Point 2001?

Chad Reed stayed in Europe?

Ben Townley didn’t get injured?

Tyla Rattray stayed in Europe?

(Photo Courtesy Rainer Kengeter)

Brian Deegan rode a factory bike?

Ken Roczen & Marvin Musquin stayed in Europe?

Jeff Ward went to Honda?

Ian Trettel & Justin Weeks didn’t get injured?

Austin Stroupe & Nico Izzi were 100% committed?

Zach Bell didn’t get injured?

Christophe Pourcel didn’t get injured?

We were still racing 2 strokes?

(Photo Courtesy Adam Campbell)

I can go on for a lot longer, but I hope it’s got your brains ticking.

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