Best Builds Part II

Stevie & Phil Denton

Ever seen a Factory bike, that isn’t classed as a factory bike?

Father and son Phil and Stevie Denton engineer the most exotic parts out there! From titanium bolts, to billet clutch baskets, clamps. Anything you need, they can make! Or even if you need a Factory bolt style replicating, you must contact these guys.

If you attend Farleigh Castle Vet des Nations each year, you definitely know what I’m talking about.. just ask Todd DeHoop and the other guys who have raced their ‘art’ on track.

“The 1986 Honda CR250 wouldn’t ever normally have that many stickers all over it. But we needed to get all of Todd’s (DeHoop) sponsors, plus the guys helping us out for Farleigh that year. It would normally run with slightly more subtle graphics for me to wobble round on it”

Check out their website HERE

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