1996 Splitfire Pro Circuit 125 Kawasaki

Growing up as a totally obsessed Motocross fan since as long as i can remember, theres always been a few machines that have stood out more than the rest. One team in particular i think we can all agree on are the Pro Circuit team bikes during the 90’s.

Why the 1996 bike you ask? Well, whilst scrolling through social media i noticed Pulp MX was having David Pingree on their Live podcast one evening. Immediately without hesitation i wondered how easy it is to send in a question and get it mentioned on the show? Or even better, is it possible for a former pro rider to ride a bike if you built one?

The immediate answer you would get if you ask your friends is “no chance” but whats the worst that could happen? They could just ignore the question or say “No”

But before i send the question i made sure i mention a bike Pingree would have raced in the past, and not a bike that a lot of people have replicated. The 1997 is the popular choice, So that was out, so it was between the 1995 & 1996 model. Out of the two i preferred the 1996 in all fluo green for the Outdoors Motocross with chrome in Supercross.

So it was decision made! Now, sending the question.. I didn’t expect what happened next! 44 minutes after posting it he replied to my tweet. “125? Hell yes”


That was the moment it was ‘Game On’ and i’d build the closest replica 1996 Splitfire Pro Circuit 125 Kawasaki on earth.

Even if it was just a spirt of the moment for him i had already planned the whole thing in my head.

To make things more real, Pulpmx even read out the question Live on the show!

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