1996 Splitfire Pro Circuit 125 Kawasaki

So we begin our journey searching for a bike on a website called ebay. After a week of searching and zero luck finding a age correct bike i expanded the hunt onto a website called gumtree. Where i am certain the people on there would sell their family for a pound.

Within the next 10 minutes i came across what can be described as a age correct heap! Im sure some of you reading this have had similar situations on tinder..

Anyway, it was too late to back out now. The time was 8pm and the seller agreed to meet up at 10pm. Long story short, he was a nice guy, bought it, got home just before 1am and i was ready to go!

That morning i was able to see the heap much clearer. The bike was as bad as the ad showed. But i knew i could turn this sloth into a Margot Robbie! It had potential.

The bike was stripped down to the frame. Most of it was held together with zip ties (i’m not joking)

I could ramble on about what was missing, needed replacing but lets just get on with the build!

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