1996 Splitfire Pro Circuit 125 Kawasaki


Frame Modification

First thing that needed to be done was tabs to be made and welded onto the frame for the bash plate, and water pump guard. Like the factory guys do..

We dropped the parts off to my friend Mark at Fox Tech. We discussed the plan, what needs doing, how accurate i want this build to be. We both agreed i’m crazy, but its a great project to be involved in!

Anyway, long story short i got a Works Connection water pump guard from Italy, Works Connection bash plate from America. Lined them up on the frame where they needed to be. Tabs made, welded on, they line up and fit perfect. Job well done thanks to Mark! Now.. Ready for painting.


Pro Circuit kitted Rear shock imported from America.

IMG_5773 3

Everything blasted and ready to build!


The hardest and most suprising part of this build was finding the fluo green paint. It wasn’t as simple as popping to the nearest paint and decorating store and picking it off the shelf. A long google search wasn’t much help either so it was about getting in contact with friends around the world to source the stuff.

After countless emails i could only find the correct colour in America. It cost more than i like to admit, but it was worth it. I cannot wait to see this build begin to take shape!


The engine so far.

The Pro Circuit ignition cover is currently under debate, as the team didn’t use them until 1997. I may or may not get a Boyesen ally sandcast cover, sand the raised lettering smooth and hard anodise it or cerakoted. The outer clutch cover (not pictured) currently has a KHI Factory magnesium cover on. But for the purpose of making the build rideable, it would make more sense using the OEM cover and hard anodising it/cerakoting to make it look like the magnesium factory cover. I’ll also hard do the inner clutch and water pump cover. Another detail is the team didn’t use a front sprocket guard, only the aluminium inner OEM part.


Engine and airbox now on the build. Plus subframe, refurbed swing arm and age correct steel Pro Circuit foot pegs.

The radiators that originally came with the bike were damaged and unable to restore like new again. So i ordered a used OEM 1997 set from ebay and sent straight to GMX. They turned out perfect! Fuel tank, electrics, clamps, rear shock, OEM frame guard, age corrent Pro Circuit pipe, linkage rods and kitted rear shock on.

Age correct purple/silver 7/8 Renthals bars and bar pad like the team used. As well as a age correct original Pro Circuit bar clamp. Thanks to Mark at Foxtech he had a set of nearly new original 46mm Kayaba set of front forks i purchased so it looks near new!

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