1996 Splitfire Pro Circuit 125 Kawasaki

Now the fun begins.. Black excel rims with the correct yellow font, spokes ordered and built on the blasted OEM hubs. Brand new Braking front and rear discs, billet carriers. Brand new original UFO fluo green plastics, original MXA seat cover.OEM brake cables, Clutch lever, renthal grips, Honda Nissin front brake master cylinder like the team used.


Brand new OEM clutch perch, clutch lever, rear brake lever, linkage bolts, gold D.I.D chain and renthal sprockets. Running stock 13t front 50t rear.


Now a little detail the anoraks will love. We noticed the Pro Circuit riders had a carb canister on their bikes attached to the frames. So after a quick search online we noticed Pro Circuit sell them on their website available to the public in a bright red colour. However the splitfire machines ran them in black. So one was ordered and headed straight to anodising.

The carb canister is to prevent ‘bog’ after a heavy landing on jumps.

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