1996 Splitfire Pro Circuit 125 Kawasaki


With Factory KHI magnesium casings being brittle and corroding over time, it was up to the next best thing.. cerakoting! I also got a billet boyesen ignition cover, rubbed the logo down to smooth to make it look factory magnesium like what the team used. Cerakote is only 1/1000th of a inch thick but it looks stunning!


She’s 99% ready!

The Pro Circuit silencer has been shortened

Fantastic backgrounds made by Unbounded Designs, they are perfect. Even down to the number board templates going around the panel/seat bolts just like the team did. Strange the Factory Kawasaki team didn’t do that..

A big thank you also goes to Mark Fox at Foxtech Racing for helping me build it, Tom Brown at Motoxtreme who ran the bike in and Jordan Carter testing it before the event.

All thats left is fork tube, rear shock & silencer stickers to go on as well as black grip tape to go on the frame.

So there we have it. The bikes ready for Pingree to ride!

Click the link HERE to see how Ping got on.

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