David Pingree VMXdN 2018

Race Time

Now it was time for Race 1 and 2. ‘Get nervous time!’ The results didn’t matter, the bike lasting and Pingree enjoying the event was priority. I was a complete nervous wreck waiting for the chequered flag to come out. I coudn’t relax until the weekend was over with those thoughts in the back of my mind, but seeing a former Pro Circuit Splitfire Kawasaki rider on a replica near identical was epic!

(Photos Courtesy MotoHead)
(Photos Courtesy MotoHead)
(Photos Courtesy MotoHead)
(Photos Courtesy MotoHead)
(Photos Courtesy SD MX Pics)
(Photos Courtesy SD MX Pics)

Race 1 Pingree as expected got a bad start against the 250s & 500s. But boy, was he making the bike sing! Keeping fast corner speed railing around the outside of guys who race circuits like this regularly. I know its almost expected, but that AMA style that Europeans lack was stunning to witness.

Moto 1 – 5th place. What a ride!


(Photos Courtesy SD MX Pics)

(Photos Courtesy SD MX Pics)
(Photos Courtesy SD MX Pics)

Race 2 was a different story however, Pingree started 3 gates from the very inside cutting across the larger cc machines. He came around the first turn 5th! Unreal. He had 2nd place in his sights, railing the ‘whooped out’ bumpy corners like you would do on a playstation game. After a couple laps the race got red flagged due to a rider getting injured. It was very serious and we wish the guy a speedy recovery!

Moto 2 – cancelled. Super Evo will be the very first riders on track Sunday morning, with 1 sighting lap and headed straight into a race.. uh oh!

(Photos Courtesy SD MX Pics)

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