Moto Fite Klub

What did we learn from Moto Fite Klub?

Well here goes..

Footage Courtesy of Swapmoto Live

There were No holeshots devices used, and it made the starts far more exciting to see. Bikes were lifting the front end how it should be!

They also started on dirt! No metal mesh. Just riders skill.

There were No sponsors advertising trackside. It didn’t need a decorated circuit to make it ‘better’. The racing was so good, it didn’t need that “well, at least the circuit looked amazing” to make up for it.

No rules – the less rules involved in racing, the better.

2 strokes – that is all.

Damon Bradshaw beat Jeff Stanton in 2020.

Mike Alessi beat Ryan Villopoto in 2020.

Travis Pastrana and Kevin Windham had the closest finish of all time.

There were No full factory bikes, and they were still shredding!

Pastrana is the only guy to flip a 490 (that I know of)

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Second attempt 👌🏼 @TravisPastrana

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Windham is still the most stylish rider on track, on the planet. He has more style than all current riders – that insane whip during his race with Travis still blows my mind. I feel like it’s 2002 again.

Challenge call outs were awesome!

Damon Bradshaw can still lay it flat.

The commentary and rider interviews were ‘non robotic’ and speaking Freely made it far more entertaining.

Jake Weimer lost his balls during his first race, and somehow saved it. It was a big “oh shit” moment.

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@JakeWeimer12 😳😳😳

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Moto has been Boring for years!

Windham is the first rider in history to ever ask for a commercial so he can recover from arm pump.

Ryan Sipes rails corners so good, if they run dirt track at the next event, I can’t see anybody beating him.

Loose corners/berms are far more entertaining to watch than ruts.

2 strokes make epic Starts – there were more holeshots by them could you believe!?


Bradshaw gets faster as the day goes on.

I could watch Villopoto’s aggressive rear wheel steering style all day long.

The years 2020, and Ryan Villopoto is trying to hold off Damon Bradshaw for the win.

Jeff Stanton & Broc Glover seem like the nicest guys on the planet. And they still haul ass.

Mike Alessi can holeshot without a holeshot device

There were no sighting laps, or parade laps.

Mike Alessi didn’t holeshot in the final. He beat everyone ‘straight up’

Sprint races are better, more exciting than the long strung out 30 minute Motos

It was the first 2 stroke podium in 15 years, well done Ryan Sipes!

Mike Alessi is the only Motocross champion in 2020, he also went undefeated

There were no fines or penalties given for any ‘rough racing’.

There was bar banging actions

The entire event was for a good cause

Moto fite club is here to stay.

Footage Courtesy of Swapmoto Live

Thank you guys so much for making 2020 great!

If you missed it, not to worry. You can watch it on the app and website!

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